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Mesothelioma Facts

Mesothelioma (pronounced “mez-o-theel-e-oh-ma”) is a cancer of the mesothelium, the protective membrane lining many vital organs, including the lungs, heart and abdomen. This membrane produces a lubricating fluid that allows organs to smoothly glide over each other as they perform their functions (e.g. breathing, beating of the heart, etc.). What are the facts surrounding the […]

Moving On After Breast Cancer

Breast cancer affects everyone in different ways and depending on the severity of each case, the recovery period varies greatly. Breast cancer is a life-threatening disease and some very good work is being done to raise awareness and explore preventative measures. Unfortunately, there is still a downside. This is the fact that these two words […]

How Sunglasses Improve Eye Health

Sunglasses are a protective eyewear worn to prevent damage to eyes from sun and high-energy visible light. Sometimes they can improve eyesight when made with darkened, colored, or polarized lenses. Other times they are worn to hide identity or as a fashion statement. Often the sunlight is too bright to be comfortable when people are […]

Skin Cancer Treatment Options

The stage of cancer that you have will determine which of the many skin cancer treatments are available for you. Each person’s medical condition and their ability to withstand treatment will decide which procedure is best for them. With skin cancer, do not put off going to the doctor. By discovering it early and beginning […]

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