Nexium: A Medication For Acid Reflux

Nexium fir Treating GERD

There are various extent of suffering from acid reflux and most of the time this happens during the night hours, when these gas fluids disturb your sleeping pattern.

Acid Reflux, which is also known as GERD or Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease is a very effecting disease and it occurs when Lower Esophageal Sphincter or LES relaxes and gives way back to fluids and gases in the stomach area so that it moves up in the esophagus. In this way LES opens up and with this opening it allows the food to enter into the stomach and then it closes down, but the main acidity or acid reflux occurs when LES is either too relaxed or it is damaged.

Another major cause of acid reflux could be because of the bad eating habits which might be irregular. Apart from the time irregularity there are certain food items which also lead to acid reflux or acidity in short term, are eatables such as raw onion, sauce, garlic, coffee, and alcohol, which remains undigested and this indigestion problem is responsible for the cause of acidity in the stomach. There are certain natural herbs and supplements which really aid in getting rid of this disease.

In biological terms, there are few other causes of acid reflux, and one of them is due to lack in hydrochloric acid. This is one of the main reasons for chronic indigestion. As a person gets older, he starts producing good amount of acid in stomach. And hydrochloric acid is very much required before the proper digestion of food so that it keeps away the harmful bacteria.

Let us know something about the cure of this disease. One of the main cures of acid reflux is through medication and it is one of the best treatments. One such medicine is Nexium which is responsible for effective treatment of GERD. Nexium contains esomeprazole as the active ingredient and it act as a proton pump inhibitor. The main working of esomeprazole starts when it starts inhibiting the action of proton pumps, and hence it helps in reduction of production of the stomach acid.

It is best advised that you must visit a doctor before starting the treatment. Since nexium is able to relieve the symptoms of stomach cancer, hence proper examination should be done by the doctor if he suspects a stomach cancer. Most of the time, this is not advisable for the children and also for the women who are breast feeding. There are certain extreme cases too in which Nexium is not advisable and that cases may be due to intolerance of fructose or absorbing glucose in the diet.

Nexium involves certain side effects too. These side effects may involve diarrhoea, nausea, constipation, vomiting, abdominal pain, and formation of excess gas in the stomach. Apart from these side effects there are certain other effects like skin allergies, dry mouth, joint pains, depression, dizziness etc.

Nexium is a very effective medicine which is used in treating acid reflux or GERD. And it has really proved to be beneficial for many of its patients.

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