Common Causes of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a disease that causes sheer freight amongst people just by hearing its name. This horrible and terrifying disease has affected people all over the world since a long time and the primary reason is the invention of the cigarette. It has been established since a number of years that a cigarette and lung cancer are a combination that almost definitely go hand in hand with each other. Here is a list of the most common causes of lung cancer, which each and every individual should be aware of and help spread the awareness amongst as many people as they can.

As mentioned above, the primary cause of lung cancer is smoking cigarettes and consuming products that contain high levels of tobacco. It has been proved by many scientists that the smoke that people inhale from the cigarette has over 3000 different types of chemicals, many of which cause cancer. There are conclusive studies that prove that smoking is not only responsible for cancer but also for a huge list of other harmful and lethal diseases. Smoking cigars and pipe also increase the risk of lung cancer owing to the fact that once the lungs deplete they do not have the ability to recover and cleanse themselves on their own like some other organs in the body. Once the lungs of a person become weak, it becomes highly probable that will suffer from a disease related to the lungs.
Another cause of lung cancer is passive smoking. Passive smoking is defined as inhaling the smoke that comes from a person who is smoking near the vicinity. High amounts of passive smoking is also said to have drastic effects on the body and especially the lungs.
Air pollution is yet another cause of lung cancer and due to prolonged exposure to pollution risk of lung cancer increases. Studies have indicated that people who have stayed in areas with high levels of pollution in the air have had lung cancer, which is somewhat similar to passive smoking.
Inhalation of asbestos also severely increases the risk of lung cancer in a person and it has found to be one of the prime chemicals in presence of which people can suffer from lung cancer. Some other chemicals also cause the same kind of effects as asbestos.
In some cases diseases like tuberculosis tend to cause lung cancer to the person in the future and become a cause for lung cancer
Last but not the least, radiation is also said to cause lung cancer as well as other types of cancer.

Here are some causes of lung cancer in brief

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