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Maitake extract cancer support supplement is the topic of this report.

If you or someone you know has cancer, you are likely concerned about the effect of cancer therapies on the immune system. Especially some sorts of standard chemotherapeutic drugs which potentially damage the bone marrow, which are like our immune cell producers.

These stem cells in our bone marrow make our white blood cells. Those white blood cells develop into several types of your immune system cells. Our body’s immune cells are the ones that keep us from catching a cold, getting the flu, getting infections or perhaps taking out strange cell occurances within your body.

For those that are healthy and energetic, they don’t have to be constantly concerned about their immune cell’s effective level or bone marrow situation. Because the immune system of healthy people is running smoothly in the background and destroying microorganisms and strange growths efficiently.

On the other hand, those with cancer live a completely different reality. Because if their immune system is not operating at a high enough level, the results can be disastrous.

When taking strong chemotherapeutic drugs or raditaion, your white blood cell count shoudn’t drop too low or the likelihood of critical infection is possible. Infections from fungi can overwhelm the whole body. Even the average cold is easy to catch and then affect the body in a much different way. Antibiotic resistant bacteria which exist in many medical institutions are even a greater danger to a patient challenged with cancer.

That’s the reason it is so important for cancer patients to save and improve their immune health. How so can we protect and boost our immune system?

We can see that the proof is significant and getting bigger.

A very important point is that Dr. Nanba patented the special extract that he first discovered,as a way to maintain the guaranteed purity and functionality of the Maitake mushroom extract.

The fact is there is only one factoryin the world (Japan) that makes The scientifically proven Maitake mushroom extract. The quality and safety screening is world class. I trust our body condition to the companies with Dr. Nanba’s patent printed clearly on the supplement container. That has been supported by scientific proof and published in the esteemed journals.

Another issue must be coverd before you even consider whichever maitake supplement you are going to purchase. Dose taken daily must at the quantity established by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), which is one of America’s premier cancer research centers. They have done Phase I/II trials on women who have completed breast cancer therapies. The purpose of the research was to figure out the optimum daily dose of patented extract to consume each day and to make sure it was completely safe.

The results of the study point out the optimal dose from 5mg of extract for each kg of body weight. So if you weigh fifty kilograms then 5mg/kg x 50kg= 250 milligrams of this patent protected maitake extract day-to-day as the optimal daily amount to stimulate your immune system.

Now it’s clear that there is just one kind of Maitake mushroom extract that is patented by Dr. Nanba and backed with plenty of published evidence. Plus now, it’s evident that the amount we need to take every day for the ideal immune system activation. All we need to do now is to locate a company which has this kind of product, and is Patent # 5,854,404 protected and can supply at the optimal dose of 5 mg per kg of body weight.

I looked into all the Maitake productsavailable on the market and ended up very discouraged! There wasn’t a company sells a Maitake supplement with these two key points of Professor nanba’s patent plus the optimal dose.

I repeat, not one company had the correct amount.


My curiosity was hightened to understand the reason there was not one product that is likely effective. Basically I was very upset about all these companies promising immune support and activity, yet not coming close to giving their customers the required dose defined by clear scientific studies.

Aren’t you be upset as well?

If it were you, could you imagine selling weak supplements to cancer sufferers who need you for immune support and protection? Of course this is actually life or death. Cancer patients need strong immune stimulation, period.

So I could get to the bottom of this mystery, I took a trip to the deep earthy mountains of Japan to pay a visit to the only company that produces the one and only Maitake mushroom extract. The take away of this private meeting was I undestood the reason no company offered this product at the correct amount. I signed a legal contract to maitantain the privacy of those details, so I can’t tell you the entire story. Yet I’ll reveal the main reason contributing to the main problem.

For a day’s dose, this Maitake extract is likely thehighest price ingredient on the planet. There hasn’t been a company so far who could bring themselves to pay for the ideal daily amount. That’s why. We’ve solved the reason why the optimum dose hadn’t existed but haven’t solved this main problem.

I then had a feeling of responsibility to support the many cancer sufferers that are desperately searching for an effective immune support supplement butcan only find low dosage Maitake supplements. Then I made a vow to do the opposite of every other Maitake supplement companies. My promise was to deliver this extract everyone who need it, at the best dose and with a reasonable price.

I know that the other companies makes much more profit margin than I do simply because they only give a tiny dose while I pay for the required number of milligrams for my customers. But I’m not concerned that other companies make more money per capsule than I because when customers experience the effects of taking the optimum dose, they will be more than happy to stay with me.

Please tell me, which appeals more to you, a very small quantity of overpriced milligrams or the genuine number of milligrams that was proven by multiple scientific trialsas being the most effective for enhancing the immune system?

To get more details, just type the words “Maitake QOL extract” into your Internet search box like google.

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