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I’m sure all of us have heard the acronym WWJD?. What would Jesus Do? It’s been placed on bracelets, necklaces, tshirts, Bible covers, and pretty much anything else one can think of. It’s a nice thing to think about, but I think it’s more important that we think about what Jesus DID.

Jesus didn’t consider anyone not worth His time. He taught and talked to all the people that His society didn’t care about. He taught the children, even when His own disciples tried to make them leave. He ate meals with prostitutes and tax collectors. That is something that most Christians today would immediately condemn without giving it a second thought. Beyond that, He even taught a Samaritan, who was a member of a group of people hated and looked down on by the entire Jewish culture.

If one looks at Jesus’ life, they’ll see that the main group of people that He was harsh with were the Pharisees. See, the Pharisees knew what was right, and yet they twisted it around to make themselves look better. They knew better, and yet they still deliberately sinned. The other people didn’t pretend to be something they were not. They were willing to admit that they were sinful, and were willing to make a change in their lives. Jesus called the Pharisee’s white washed tombs, meaning that they looked clean on the outside, but were dead inside. Too often Christians judge non-Christians without even giving them a chance to hear the Gospel in a non-condescending or loving manner.

Jesus gave without any thought to Himself. He went without all of the comforts of His day to reach as many people as possible. Beyond that, and far more importantly, He died in a most agonizing and painful way in order to save the world from their sins. How many of us would truly be willing to do that? I know it’s so easy to say “oh yes, I’d die for someone” in casual conversation, but think about it seriously for a few minutes. Would we really be willing to?

Jesus did so much, we should all spend some time contemplating what He did with His life, and then try to live like Him. Pray, search your hearts, and see where you can do more. Think about what Jesus did.

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