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Tanning bed or sun bed is a device that emits ultraviolet radiation. It is used to create a cosmetic tanning. Tanning beds are used with plenty of fluorescent lights that contain phosphor designed especially to emit UV radiation in a range that is similar to the sun.

In recent years, tanning beds have become more and more common as people have turn out to be more aware of the hazardous effect of exposing to the sun and have sought out a controlled environment to achieve that fashionable and popular way of tanning. If you plan to use a tanning bed, it is significant that you find more about the risks and possible ailments related with tanning in tanning beds. Tanning beds or tanning salon is not considerably different from tanning in a beach, reason why it is essential to know how to use tanning be properly. You are right, using a tanning bed is simple but knowing how to use it safely is not. Using a tanning bed is just like replicating the traditional tanning process of exposing to the sun’s UV but this time in a controlled environment. Unlike tanning by exposure to the UV rays, tanning in tanning bed is controllable. You can control the amount of heat and UV rays that is exposed to skin.

Using a tanning bed is easy but iterative in procedure. Any one who uses a tanning bed to get a superior tan must first get a base tan. Creating a base tan can take about eight sessions and is reliant on the pigmentation of skin. You should have enough knowledge if you want to use a tanning bed. If you have a white or fair complexion, you should limit the exposure to UV rays that is emitted by a tanning bed. After edificing a base tan it is important to go back to the tanning bed a little more until you get the desired skin tone. UV rays in tanning beds are more concentrated and collective; you should shorten your use or exposure to tanning beds. This is the most imperative thing to consider when using a tanning bed. Use a protective eyewear. Our eyes are very sensitive to UV rays. Tanning beds has a higher concentration of UV rays compared to sun, and because of this our eyes are often affected. Goggles are gives more protection than sunglasses, so it is better to use goggles than sunglasses.

Tanning in tanning beds has a benefit when it comes to enjoyment and tanning speed. Researchers found out that a person who uses tanning beds feels a temporary self satisfaction; this is because the endorphin level of a person who uses tanning beds increased. A tanning beds gives relief of over exposing to sunlight. A person who uses tanning bed has a control over the UV rays. You can decide whether to maximize or minimize the exposure level of UV rays.

If tanning has benefits, it has also disadvantages. A person who uses tanning beds has a direct contact to UV rays and therefore prone to have skin cancer, skin age and ” are faster to develop. The US Public Health Service said that UV radiation, that includes the use of sun lamps or tanning beds are known to be human carcinogen. The risk of developing cancer develops over the years of continued exposure to UV rays.

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