I come from a family of overweight women

I come from a family of overweight

women. At an early age, I decided that being overweight wasnВ’t for me, and that

I would do whatever it took to not be fat. I worked very hard, exercising and

watching everything I ate in order to keep my figure, but by the time my first child was

six years old, I was still struggling to lose the last 10 pounds that I had gained when I

was pregnant.

Then, luckily, I found out about

this program, and started on it right away. In two short weeks, that troublesome 10

pounds melted away, and I was very pleased. I kept that weight off for a year and a

half (even through the holiday season!), until I became pregnant with my second child.

During that pregnancy, I gained twice as much weight as I had with my first child.

I went up to a size 14, and I was 30 pounds overweight after the baby was born.

I felt miserable. My self-esteem was so low that I not only didnВ’t want

to go out in public, but I didnВ’t even want my family and friends to come over to see

the new baby because I was ashamed of my weight.

Then I remembered this great

program, and figured that if it worked once for me, it would work again.

Because I was nursing my baby, I was very careful not to cut back on calories.

I took these products to give me good nutrition, as well as to increase my

metabolism. Once again, the program worked wonders for me, and in less than 2

months, I went from a size 14 to a size 8…it was so easy. Now, my husband says I look

great, I feel wonderful, and I will use these products for the rest of my life!

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