For Providers

Your office and support staff are an important part of a financially successful
healthcare delivery system.  You are acutely aware that relations with your
patients are influenced by the patient’s
understanding of their financial responsibility.

If you do the billing for your patients, many hours are spent each day by
your staff answering billing questions from your patients, and teaching them
what they should already know about their own healthcare expenses.  You are
in a better position than anyone to know who could benefit most from learning
how to manage this financial aspect of purchasing and paying for your

The seminar “Making
$en$e of Your Healthcare Dollar$”
and the
hands-on Healthcare Expense Tracking SystemВ© included in the program, can educate
your patients about their own medical finances, and free up your staff for more
important functions.  Medical societies in your community can sponsor a
program, and you can get a patient relations boost in the process by referring
the patients who could most use the program.  Your staff knows who
they are…..  Ask your staff if they would be interested in attending,

Healthcare Considerations also provides educational services, programs and
in-service training specifically tailored for healthcare practices.  We can increase practice revenue by teaching staff effective
administrative techniques.     

The Tracking
and ” pages will tell you how you can help your “paperwork
challenged” patients…..

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